Monthly Archives: April 2007

Church 101

What is the church supposed to be? There’s a never ending list of how to “do church” books. There are conferences, study guides, church planting manuals and on and on the list goes. I suppose they have their place; yet the proof of Ecclesiastes 12:12 comes through again, there really is no end to the writing and gathering of books.

Back to 1 Timothy

I want to get us back into the mode of studying First Timothy and Church 101 so a little bit of review is necessary.

Pastoral Leadership

In the first chapter Paul begins with the leadership of the church: Pastoral authority which is grounded in the supremacy of Jesus Christ. Key to the functioning of the church is a pastor who will stay the course long enough to effectively correct error and teach truth.

Milk or Solid Food?

My son is currently 18 months old. We have had our share of experiences with foods and food allergies with him. But we have also had the standard experience of his food tastes changing. When he was born there was breastfeeding, and then the migration to a bottle. Then later came the oatmeal and rice cereals, and the bottles of baby fruits. We our still working on switching from a bottle to a cup, and to get him to eat more solid foods. We can see that he knows what eating solid food is, he just has not yet chosen to eat solid foods.