Daily Archives: May 26, 2007

Want a Boxabooks?

I’m completely flabbergasted that the counter here is rolling closer to 50,000 visitors. Site Meter So for a little fun I think I’ll stick a few semi-random books into a box and get it ready for posting to the person who hits the magic number. Of course I have a fair collection of overflowing bookshelves so let’s select the books as well.

Your Testimony

At it’s most basic your testimony is the story of how you came to know Jesus. It is in its purist form the fulfillment of Acts 1:8. When you tell someone how you became a Christian, you are being a witness; which is to say that you are recounting what you experienced. That is what a witness does.
Your testimony can take many forms but as a guideline it should probably contain the following:

  1. Your Life before you were a Christian
  2. How you became a Christian including a clear presentation of the gospel.