Monthly Archives: June 2007

My Next Computer doesn’t exist yet

I’m an avid computer user. I Spend hours in front of Bibleworks and Logos (not to mention writer) in order to study and understand God’s word so that I can teach others. When I’m done for the day I’d love to pick my computer up and just read a book. But since I’ve got a desktop (and an old notebook which is too big) that just isn’t likely. My Treo works for reading books and I do actually read allot on it, but it is way too small.

Freedom From Darkness

If you have ever suffered under the darkness of depression you know full well it’s power to crush and destroy. King David’s many psalms reflect a man who himself struggled with depression (and found hope in God). Greater and more powerful than any depression is demonic oppression (demonization). Recalling the story of the Gadarene Demoniac the song “Set Me Free” from Casting Crowns does an admirable job of portraying the hoplessness of spiritual captivity and the glorious power of Christ to set the captives free.