Daily Archives: June 13, 2007

Seeking Cancellation of Haiti’s Debt

Just a quick notation for you to consider. Having been to Haiti several years in a row I’ve seen first hand the effects of poverty on the island nation. Over at Doing Theology From The Caribbean there’s an article regarding a chance to eliminate Haiti’s national debt. Do me a favor and read that article.
Certainly I agree with the precept of the article that eliminating the debt may well help the people of Haiti as money could be used to take care of simple things like paying the police and maybe provide medical or other infrastructure building funds.
My experience in Haiti however is that this is a people who are both cunning and capable on so many levels. One Creole word which I learned is apparently descriptive of a way of life “degaje” (day-gah-jay) means “make due” or “get by”. And those beautiful people know how to degaje.
I am not ignorant of their financial needs, and I am also eager to see them all a little better off. But my greater concern for Haiti however is it’s legal debt… to the Lord.