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Something old, Something new, Something learned…

Day 1 of Camp Logos I is complete… I am definitely learning some new tricks and relearning some old ones I forgot… It should really help me with knowing how to teach others… Picked up some good resources too, including the Lesson Builder I hear so many talk about… Not everything was a good price, but there were a few good deals…

Sorry it took this long to finish this timeline, but i got distracted with some other projects… I will be writing documentation for the logos class each month, and need to to get it out of the way so there will be time to have it reviewed… Nothing has been posted yet, but the link is at http://groups.google.com/group/logos-connections-springfield-va-usa when we do start posting… The first doc will be on creating and using collections and will likely be posted after the next class Aug. 10th… (If you live in the Northern VA area, please join us for either (day or evening) of our monthly meetings…)

Anyway, the main character in this timeline is King Joash of Judah, a man who allowed flattery to ruin his relationship with God, even driving him to murder… The lesson here is there comes a day when every man must grow up and be a leader… Its too easy to seek a mentor unworthy when we lose the one we have had all our life… There comes a day when our personal relationship with God becomes one on one. We grow up. Its not that we no longer need accountability, but that we should be that much closer to God… And then, one day further, when God judges us worthy, we might mentor others with the expectation that they too would one day grow up…

God Bless,


The Baptism of Jesus Christ: Textual Analysis

Textual Analysis


3:13 Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan River in order to be baptized by him. 3:14 But John attempted to prevent him by saying, "I am the one who has a need to be baptized by you and yet you come to me?" 3:15 But answering, Jesus said to him, "right now you must permit it, for it is proper for us to fulfill all righteousness in this way." Then he permitted him. 3:16 Now, when Jesus had been baptized, he immediately came out of the water. And behold! The heavens were opened for him and he saw the Spirit of God as a dove, coming down and landing on him. 3:17 And behold! There was a voice out of the heavens saying "this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased." – Matthew 3:13-17


The baptism of Jesus is the first appearance of Jesus since he was 12 years old in the temple and marks the beginning of his ministry. Dr. Harold Hoehner convincingly marks the beginning of John the Baptist's ministry as "sometime in AD 29" with Jesus' ministry beginning very shortly after the beginning of John the Baptist's; most likely during summer or autumn of that year.1 The baptism of the people of Israel stands as a sudden and dramatic shift of God's people towards him in a new and generally unexpected way. Concerning this move of Jewish baptism Barclay wrote:

"It is the fact that never in all history before this had any Jew submitted to being baptized. The Jews knew and used baptism, but only for proselytes who came into Judaism from some other faith. It was natural that the sin-stained, polluted proselyte should be baptized, but no Jew had ever conceived that he, a member of the chosen people, a son of Abraham, assured of God's salvation, could ever need baptism. Baptism was for sinners, and no Jew ever conceived of himself as a sinner shut out from God. Now for the first time in their national history the Jews realized their own sin and their own claimant need of God,. Never before had there been such a unique national movement of penitence and of search for God."2

Yet for perhaps months the people of Israel had been coming from great distances to be baptized by John the Baptist whose prophetic garb and powerful preaching had shamelessly confronted sin and yet graciously accepted the repentant sinners. As John labors in anticipation and watches (John 1:31) for the revelation of Messiah, Jesus comes to him.