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Law: Circumcision of the Heart

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Even from the beginning when the Law was given, it was the circumcision of the heart that marks the children of the LORD. From the teaching that I grew up understanding (know this is not necessarily the same as the teaching I was given), I understood the circumcision of the heart to be what came from Jesus after he lived. But this was as early as Sinia – and earlier.

So, even when the Law was given it was not given to impart righteousness and status as children of the LORD. So what is a large purpose of the Law?

Deu 10:12-21 (NASB)

1 Timothy 3:13 Rising To the Top

I have said before that there is nothing whatsoever that you or I can do to make God love us more. That is the truth. He already loved you enough to send his son to die in your place. But that does not rule out the amount of pleasure God takes in us. Certainly God is pleased with faithfulness and disappointed with faithlessness. If your own children stray into error you do not cease to love them but you are grieved by them. When your own children walk in obedience and wisdom you do not love them more but you are certainly brought joy by them. The question before us then is, "What can I do to bring God Joy because of me?" The answer is: "walk in obedience." As John writes in third John, "I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth." (3 John 1:4)

As you open your Bibles to 1 Timothy 3:13 we come to the conclusion of this passage on deacons. It won't be the last mention in Timothy concerning proper church polity but it does close the requirements for the office with a great encouragement for those in the position of deacon to be diligent and faithful in their execution of the office.

"The third chapter began with a word of encouragement for anyone aspiring to the office of [overseer]. The section for the deacons ends…"1 with a similar encouragement for deacons. The remaining serves as an incentive for deacons to do a good job at their given post.

It is easy to perceive why an incentive might be needed. Being a servant in any capacity is often perceived as a thankless task. But being able to look forward to the coming reward is