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1 Timothy 4:6-8 Being A Good Servant

Open your Bible to 1 Timothy 4:6-11 where we encounter what could almost be called a formula for being a good servant of Jesus Christ. In the context it refers specifically to Timothy as the shepherd of the church in Ephesus; but in principle it applies not only to myself but it also applies to every servant of Jesus.

Look at what Paul writes in 1 Timothy 4:6-11. Twice we read the injunction teach these things. It's actually repeated again in verse 15 where Timothy is told to be absorbed in them.

"These things" is more than a reference back to the last few verses, but rather serves to represent everything that has gone before. "these things" is equivalent to "everything I've told you".

Typology of Scripture Revised (Take Two)

I have revised Patrick Fairbairn’s Typology of Scripture Volumes 1 and 2 and the revised PBBs can be downloaded below.

I cut my teeth making PBBs with these two volumes and I felt revisions were needed to streamline navigation, make corrections, cut down on bloat (for some reason the original files were over 5MB each), change the Greek and Hebrew fonts to more standard Libronix unicode typefaces (Gentium and SBL Hebrew) and tag missing Scripture references.

Edit: I also added two indices to the end of volume 2.


Review of Standard Lesson e-Commentary

Rated 3.5 out of 5

SRP=$19.95, Average=$13.00

I paid $4.95 for this at Family Christian Bookstores because it was last year’s edition and on clearance (75% off)

This is the CD-ROM version of the Standard Lesson Commentary put out every year for adult sunday school classes… In years past, the CD-ROM was included with the print version, but about 3 years ago, they started selling the software separately… I have picked up copies of this going back to 2000, and I must say they keep improving a little every year… This review is based on the 2006-2007 edition