Daily Archives: December 10, 2007

Joram (Jehoram) Son of Ahab

This was one of the more fun timelines I’ve worked on…

I feel bad for Joram… Unlike most of Israel’s kings, he seemed to at least respect God’s prophet (Elisha)… It is hard to understand how God could allow Ahab to rule so long as evil as he was, but allowed his son was was not as evil (but still bad) to die in the manner he did… I suppose it just goes to show the more you know, the more accountable you are, and that being less evil is still not doing good…

1 Timothy 4:9-11 Strength to Strive


I can remember as a child wondering why my dad kept getting up and going to work every day. It didn't seem like fun. I thought it would be a lot more entertaining to stay home and watch TV. Little did I realize then that a large amount of the fan mail my dad seemed to get on a regular occasion was at least a partial reason for his strong desire to head off to work in the mornings. To put it briefly, he worked hard because I ate a lot and needed new clothes.