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Hengstenberg on the Psalms, Vol. 1

I have completed a PBB resource of Volume 1 of E.W. Hengstenberg’s Commentary on the Psalms. Volume 1 covers Psalms 1-34. You can download it below.

I have wanted to have this commentary as a Libronix resource for a while. I planned to scan the entire three volumes, but then I found Ted Hildebrandt from Gordon College had already done the grunt work and had the files available in MS Word format.

Ted’s faculty web site is here: http://faculty.gordon.edu/hu/bi/Ted_Hildebrandt/
Thanks to Ted for doing this for the community.


Josephus, who introduced himself in Greek as “Iosepos (Ιώσηπος), son of Matthias, an ethnic Jew, a priest from Jerusalem”, fought the Romans in the First Jewish-Roman War of 66–73 as a Jewish military leader in Galilee. After the Jewish garrison of Yodfat was taken under siege, the Romans invaded, killing thousands; the survivors committed suicide.