Daily Archives: December 24, 2007

The Prophecies of Jesus

The New Testament does not stand alone, it is the direct outgrowth of prophecy and it’s fulfillment. The very reason that the new testament is accepted as God’s word is because it meshes in perfect union with the first testament. For the first testament does the unthinkable. Not only does is tell the historical story of the people of Israel from it’s inception; but it also contains in that story dozens upon dozens of explicit prophetic descriptions regarding the entire sum of the “ancestry, birth time, forerunner, birthplace, birth manner, infancy, manhood, teaching character, career, preaching, reception, rejection, death, burial, resurrection and ascension” 1 of one called The Christ in Greek, The Messiah in Hebrew, the Anointed One in English.

Woven throughout the text of the old testament prophets, laws, songs and history are predictions spoken and written hundreds or thousands of years before they were fulfilled to the smallest letter in their detail. It is as if at the founding of the United States of America someone had written a complete biography of Ronald Reagan. Such a feat is not only impossible but to have done so would have marked not only the character of the writer himself as being lead by God but would have marked Ronald Reagan infinitely more important than he was as a mere mortal.

To everyone who has ever wondered and perhaps still wonders if Jesus really is a savior I would urge you to consider not only the words and fulfillment but the circumstance of the prophecies of Jesus. The Prophecies were given so that you may see them fulfilled and seeing them, that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God.