Andrew Murray Collection – pbb format

Andrew Murray (1828-1917) – was raised in South Africa. It was here, after his formal education in Scotland and three years of theological study in college in Holland, that he returned as a missionary and minister. As a preacher, he consistently drew large crowds and led many to trust Christ as their Savior. But Murray's life was not without testing. As a young man, an enduring sickness left him weak and exhausted. Later at the prime of his ministry, a severe illness resulted in his absence from the pulpit for two years. But God used each trial to remove all that hindered his devotion to Christ. Murray wrote, "That awful pride and self complacency which have hither to ruled in my heart." He fought an insidious battle with pride, but God had the victory. Murray wrote much about the deeper knowledge of the things of God and abiding in Christ.
He also served as the first president of the Young Men's Christian Fellowship (YMCA). Not only was he the author of over 240 books, he was also a man of great prayer. Through his private devotion with the Savior, he learned that laughter and fellowship were two of life's most important activities. He and his wife, Emma, had nine children.

God bless!