Baptism in the Ancient Church

I’ve been working on the baptism of Jesus Christ (Matthew 4:13-ff) for part of my own studies and found this a great summary of baptism in the early church over at Euangelion: Baptism in the Ancient Church If you missed it last month you should take a read.

Since the early church often looked at that baptism as a model to follow it is interesting to reference this list as an extension to the baptism of Christ.

  1. Catechesis
  2. Fasting and Prayer
  3. Renouncing the Devil
  4. Credo (proclaiming Christ as Lord)
  5. Disrobing
  6. Immersion
  7. New Robe
  8. Annointing with oil
  9. Laying on of Hands
  10. The Lord’s Supper

It’s interesting to note that the only “ceremony” Jesus’ baptism entailed was prayer. I’ll post more on that later.