Creeds of Christendom (3 Volumes) – PBB Format

Creeds of Christendom – chronicles the history of the Creeds of the Christian Church from the New Testament era to the early 1900s. Published in three volumes they break down the credal history into three parts: The History of Creeds, the Greek and Latin Creeds and the Evangelical Protestant Creeds.

The following Creeds are discussed in detail:

The Apostles’ Creed
The Nicene Creed
The Creed of Chalcedon
The Athanasian Creed
The Seven Ecumenical Councils
The Confessions of Gennadius, A.D. 1453
The Answers of the Patriarch Jeremiah to the Lutherans, A.D. 1576
The Confession of Metrophanes Critopulus, A.D. 1625
The Confession of Cyril Lucar, A.D. 1631
The Orthodox Confession of Mogilas, A.D. 1643
The Synod of Jerusalem, and the Confession of Dositheus, A.D. 1672
The Synods of Constantinople, A.D. 1672 and 1691
The Doctrinal Standards of the Russo-Greek Church
Anglo-Catholic Correspondence with the Russo-Greek
The Eastern Sects: Nestorians, Jacobites, Copts, Armenians
The Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent, A.D. 1563
The Profession of the Tridentine Faith, A.D. 1564
The Roman Catecism, A.D. 1566
The Vatican Council, A.D. 1870
The Vatican Decrees. The Constitution on the Catholic Faith
The Evangelical Confessions of Faith
The Augsburg Confession, A.D. 1530
Luther’s Catechisms, A.D. 1529
The Articles of Smalcald, A.D. 1537
Zwinglian Confessions.
The Sixty-seven Articles.
The Ten Theses of Berne.
The Confession to Charles V.
The Confession to Francis I., A.D. 1523-1531
The Confession of Basle, A.D. 1534
The First Helvetic Confession, A.D. 1536
The Second Helvetic Confession, A.D. 1566
The Catechism of Geneva, A.D. 1541
The Gallican Confession, A.D. 1559
The Belgic Confession, A.D. 1561
The Canons of Dort, A.D. 1619
The Heidelberg Catechism, A.D. 1563
The Anglican Catechisms, A.D. 1549 and 1662
The Westminster Confession
The Westminster Catechisms

About the Author
Philip Schaff (1819-1893) was a Swiss-born American theologian and Church historian, born in Chur, Switzerland. Schaff’s contribution to the Christian community on historical works is unparalleled; here are just a few of his famous works: Creeds of Christendom, History of the Christian Church, The Christ of the Gospels, Christ and Christianity, and was a contributing edtior to the New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge and the American Standard Version 1901, which was a revison of English Revised Version.

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