DIY abortion is a crime

You have got to see this: woman charged with self abortion. Browse through the comments and you’ll hit lots of opinions, some of them spot on. Like the few that explain the reasons for her self attempted baby murder is a crime instead of a right.

Wait a minute! I thought it was a woman’s right to choose to keep her baby or not. Where are the abortion activists? After-all, it’s not murder if the baby is not born yet. Right?
Only Planned Parenthood and doctors can kill the baby?

Follow the money! Planned parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry is pocketing an obscene amount of money on abortion. I guarantee that if it wasn’t lucrative for them they wouldn’t fight for it.

Abortion/pro-life issues aside, if she would have performed heart surgery or any other procedures that only licensed professionals are allowed to perform, she’d have been arrested as well…its not an abortion issue per se, its an issue dealing with whether or not you are a licenced professional to perform a procedure.

Standards? Well I’m certain that there are medical standards which are supposed to be met. But I dare you to find any procedure besides abortion which an underage girl can have done without tons of paperwork and several signatures from her parents. No, it’s not about standards it’s about murder for profit.

No, it was a crime because it was potentially dangerous to the mother and definitely for the unborn child.

Dangerous? Certainly. Not to mention the women that die from regular old abortions. I’m not convinced that the DIY kind is more dangerous.

I’m obviously pro-life folks. I happen to believe God is too. Why else would he send his son to take our place if he didn’t want us to live? Yeah sure start the argument about physical -vs- spiritual life but the issue remains that God will demand an accounting for every person’s blood (Genesis 9).

The real tragedy here isn’t the botched DIY abortion nor is it that this poor woman sought to kill her own baby by herself. The crime is that she even thought it was a good idea to kill her own baby at all. No, I do not condemn her. I pity her and I hope that someone close to her will share the life transforming power of Christ with her before it’s too late.