Files, Feeds, Forums & More

I’ve made a couple of changes lately and wanted to make sure everyone was up to speed.

Better File Management

I’m moving away from the very limited file upload module built into drupal. It just doesn’t give any control. The good news is that I’ve completely embraced webfm. It provides not only the ability to segment the files hosted here by subdirectory but also enables a single file to be “attached” to multiple nodes. Include file versioning and the ability to export lists of a specific file type (like all PBB’s for instance) and you’ve got a great tool for file management. This is completely necessary as we now have more than 800 Logos Personal Book Builder files here. Originally there was a warning not to use webfm with IE because of corruption issues. Drag and drop should still be avoided but regular uploading and attaching files to nodes is no problem.

Only The News That’s Fit To Feed

The news aggregator was getting overloaded so I’ve had to drop some feeds which I find less and less useful. I’ve dropped most of the technology feeds (Google Operating System, Shark Tank, Slashdot, ZDNet and a few others). The theme of this blog is biblical truth so I wanted the newsfeed to focus more in that direction. Of course not everyone is using the news aggregator, I’m willing to bet it’s missed. Look in the top right corner at the words “News Around The Net” It used to be simply: “Read News”. Clicking that will take you to a built in RSS Aggregator loaded with some key blogs and news sources which frequently touch on truth issues. (BTW: if you know of a feed that should be on there – send me an email or post a comment and I’ll consider adding it to the list.)

Plus I just wanted to plug one of my favorite feeds from Coffee Swirls.


The Forums have been disconnected. It was way premature to activate them so they’ve been removed. Since all of the posts which were there were Libronix PBB posts I moved them all here. If ever there’s a need for forums, I can easily re-enable them.

Comments Change

As of right now comment forms are no longer displayed by default. They are still available but you have to click the “leave a comment” button to do so. This was done to encourage use of the “reply” feature which should make following comment conversations easier.

Anything Else?

That’s it for now.
I’m grateful to have your readership. Please let me know if there are features you wish to see implemented.