God Does Answer Prayer

Originally posted on http://gephartr.blogspot.com

Lately I have been having some troubles with a friend at work. There have been communication and trust issues. These issues have been making both of us less and less happy at work, and had started leading towards some more vindictive actions that were making things even worse.

For the last few weeks I have been praying for a solution to the issue, but it appeared to me that nothing had been happening. And then things started getting worse, and I was really starting to hate going to work. This week, I started praying one night that God resolve the issue the next day. I just couldn’t take it anymore, and it was starting to really sour my personality.

Anyway the next day our boss decided it was time to all sit down and chat together. After a little while of talking, everyone actually felt better about the issues. The tensions actually dissolved, and we were able to work together again. At the end of our meeting, the surprising thing was our boss actually suggested that we all start praying about it. Given, we are all professed christians – the fact that our boss said that at work is still stepping out on a limb.

Point of the story. I had been praying for weeks that God do something about this situation that was bad. Over the weeks it was quickly getting worse. So I prayed more, but this time asking for next day results. But the fact is, all along there were results. The fact that it was getting worse is what allowed the next day resolution to actually happen.

So, all along God was answering my prayer. My problem was thinking that the answer to the prayer would just get better. It did just get better eventually, but pressures had to build on everyone first.

So, trust in Jesus when he says that whatever we ask in His name we will receive. But know that in the receiving, bad (or worse) things may have to happen first.