The Good Samaritan

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There is this man. A few years ago, I saw and heard of the special acts of goodness that he did at a hospital. This man was there visiting a relative of his throughout the entire time of the relative’s stay at the hospital. While there he overheard many of the patients talk about the things that they would really like to have.

Now, these people had never met this man before and did not know that he heard their desires. But whenever he heard there desires he remembered what they wanted, and the next time he left the hospital he bought everything that they all wanted. Then, when he was back at the hospital he just dropped the items off at each person’s room.

Suffice to say, each of the patients were thrilled at what he did for them. But, not only did he give them the desires that they spoke of – he also sat and talked with them and gave them company.

Why do I mention this person? Because, to some, this man would not be destined for salvation because he does not attend a church – he is not part of a community. Some believe that the community is required to have a relationship with God. But, the first and foremost focus in the Bible is a personal relationship with God; the community is a secondary relationship and is focused on our relationships with our fellow man and how we relate as a unit to God.

But when God determined that it was not good for man to be alone, he created a woman to be his “helpmeet.” It is interesting that God did not create a community of people with which the man needed to commune with in order to not be left alone. It is also interesting that this was not in order to “save” the man – but to allow the man to interact with others like himself. So the community is about interaction with similar creations – not salvation. Salvation comes from a single person’s relationship with God / Jesus.

The other thing is that since this man does not go to church, others will say he cannot have a relationship with God. They feel that faith must be expressed thru an actual building. But it is said that our own bodies are the Temple of God, and that He will write his laws in our hearts and minds. It is also said that “a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone.” Also “Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.”

Therefore, this mans actions show his faith. Salvation comes from God. God has chosen who he will, and our part is to just believe that God is true and will do as he says. It is not our part to judge whether someone else believes “properly.”

Let us try to honor God and follow His laws. Judge not. Love God, and love your neighbor (all man kind). Do not confuse religion with God’s kingdom; they may not be the same thing. Don’t confuse interactions that are good for man with personal belief in God and His Law. Work out your own salvation. Speak the Words of God and He will bring fruit from His Word. It is all about honoring God and His actions. We are only the creation and should not try to put ourselves in the place of the creator – that was the sin of Lucifer.