Google Does Timelines

Google Labs has a new toy for displaying timelines generated by Web data… The tests I did show promise, but theres still much room for improvement… Here is the link for Israel:

At the time I ran the query, It came up with a decent timeline of modern Israel, but none on Historic (Biblical) Israel… Clicking on the map tab from that page did give some nice links with info on a Google Map…

I encourage everyone to try out this tool, and send Google feedback on how to make it better… Meantime, l
ooks like Logos has nothing to worry about yet…

Finally got to a location where I’m allowed to use Firefox… (Believe it or not, it’s not allowed at some of the locations I connect from…) Anyway, attached you will find the current versions of my Visual Markup Files, along with the Timeline installation instructions I put together… My next file will be simple instructions for installing markups….

God Bless,