Hacking The Directv DVR R15

Since I’m an incurable tweaker I thought I might look into finding ways to hack my relatively new DirecTV R15 DVR recorder. It’s so far listed as unhackable. Well I’m not ready to break out the soldering iron to change that just yet but I will write down a few discoveries.

  1. To force a software download: Reset and on the first blue screen type 02468.
    It’s the luck of the draw with this one. You’ll probably just get the software version you already have unless you hit what I’ve seen called the CE (cutting edge) window – in which case it appears you’ll get the newest (beta?) right now.
  2. Select-play-select-9-select
    this will turn on a timer during playback and also a realtime clock at bottom right of screen.
  3. In full video mode on a live channel…From the front panel press and hold the RIGHT directional, and then press the active button
    This brings you to an Advanced Feature menu with options for an Internal Destacker, Phone Settings, Service Settings, System Diagnostics.
  4. Active and UP
    SystemSetup and System info and test screen
  5. Active and RIGHT
    System setup /diagnostic hidden menu