Love is Patient, Love is Kind

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Today, while I was driving with a number of ill-mannered and inconsiderate people around me I was once again tempted to get angry at my “neighbors.” (I tend to get angry at inconsiderate drivers; one of my self-centered tendencies.) This anger comes from a lack of patience with other people – even if it is brought on by a lack of kindness from those same people. So I thought, it isn’t worth letting these people make me act unlike Jesus.

So, a challenge for everyone (including myself). Think of an area where you lack the patience and kindness that we are to show as a sign of Jesus in us. I’m sure that this won’t take most of us a lot of time – in fact, for many of us my problem area above probably works.

Now that you have thought of an area, make a promise to yourself that you will neglect your own self-centered tendencies and show patience, kindness, and love to the people around you at that time; even if those people are the ones causing the difficulty – in fact especially if they are. Pick this area to show Jesus thru your life and actions.

And if it turns out well, then maybe in a couple weeks pick a new area. If you are like me, there probably will not be a shortage of topics to pick for many years to come. And each time we are successful, we will be that much closer to being like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Oh yeah, and if you would like to see a bigger change in the world around us – challenge your friends, church members, co-workers to do the same. If more and more of us take up this challenge, just imagine how much better the world will become.