Milk or Solid Food?

My son is currently 18 months old. We have had our share of experiences with foods and food allergies with him. But we have also had the standard experience of his food tastes changing. When he was born there was breastfeeding, and then the migration to a bottle. Then later came the oatmeal and rice cereals, and the bottles of baby fruits. We our still working on switching from a bottle to a cup, and to get him to eat more solid foods. We can see that he knows what eating solid food is, he just has not yet chosen to eat solid foods. But, he is getting there and soon he will choose to eat the solid foods.

Our lives as Christians are much the same way. When we are saved, we need the pure spiritual milk of the Word. As we grow we need to move on to the solid foods, but we do not always choose to move on. In fact, for many, we become so accustomed to our “bottles” that we do not want to move on to solid food; it is a change and we feel comfortable with our bottles. But nevertheless, we need to move on; we need to reach a point where we desire to move on to solid foods.

So, what is listed in Hebrews as the “bottle” of milk? (See Hebrews 6)

importance of repenting from evil deeds and placing our faith in God
laying on of hands (for the sick)
resurrection from the dead (at the return of Jesus)
eternal judgment
Well, this sounds like the core of the faith. This is good milk. What about the solid food? The solid food deals with reading and understanding “the scriptures.” As it is said, all scripture is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness. But what is the author refering to by “scriptures.” It is obvious that an author at the time would not be so arrogant as to think that his own letters and words were scripture – so it must be something else. And since Jesus and His apostles were Jews it is also obvious that the scriptures are the scriptures of the Jews – the Old Testament.

The solid food is to read not only the New Testament but also the Old. The New cannot be fully understood if one does not read the Old to see how Jesus did fulfill the prophecies of the scriptures. In fact, the Old Testament can actually read very easily, and the prophecies are very plain and to the point about what they mean. God meant for them to be plain, as the point is for man to look and see how He told us what would happen before it did. It is all about giving glory to God and accepting His promises.

Jesus was the fulfillment of the promises of God, and thru this fulfillment of the promises provides salvation to all of man.

So, seek first the kingdom of God. Read God’s Word – all of it, and seek greater understanding of the Good News. Seek the solid meat and choose to eat it – for it is good.