Modesty, Pornography and Sin

It’s a constant battle in this culture to be modest and to expect modesty. As a father of daughters I am passionate about keeping them pure and helping them to dress in such a way that they don’t endanger the purity of others. Even the editor of Family Circle magazine recognizes the perils of the age in terms of immodest dress. (Dressing while keeping sexuality 'sacred')
In my home my daughters have to pass the “huh unh” test. If they walk down stairs and I say “huh unh” they turn around and go change. I see my job as a father as vital in protecting and keeping my daughters modest. But it’s not just the girls who need monitoring.

As a father of a son I am passionate about teaching him to avert his eyes and not to dwell on inappropriate thoughts, images or on scantily clad women. One of the early lessons I’ve learned is that of Job 31:1, “I have made a covenant with my eyes; How then could I gaze at a virgin?” We can’t even go to the supermarket counter without being accosted by soft porn on all of the magazine covers. But we don’t even need to go to the market, the Internet has been a boon to the porn industry. One no longer need risk being seen in the red light district a quick click and you’re standing in front of all the worst – most alluring temptations of Satan. It’s out there, and it’s too easy to get into your home.

This weekend my church is hosting a missions conference and this morning we had our men’s breakfast. Keith our mission speaker this morning took a different track and began challenging us as men in the church – no rather, confronting is a better word. It was a call to holiness of the eyes. I’m not going to repeat his whole message here but since I know quite a few men stop here regularly let me ask you guys:

what are you looking at?

Do you have porn on your computer? Is there porn in your home? What sites did you visit this week? Did you linger over the slinky advertisements and enjoy a momentary lurid thought?

It’s time to come clean. It’s time to repent. If you’re struggling with a porn addiction I urge you to contact your pastor. And if you are the pastor who’s struggling with a porn addiction – I’m issuing a free invitation and a promise of complete confidentiality – contact me.
Or find another pastor in whom you can confide.

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