I have a confession to make: I killed someone.

Every year the debate erupts again – “who killed Jesus“? Let me just settle this once and for all: I killed Him. Don’t get all high and mighty about it. And don’t roll your eyes and walk away. The plain fact of the matter is that Jesus was murdered, and I was the reason.

Don’t you understand? Don’t you don’t get it? I killed Jesus! I murdered the son of God! It wasn’t the Jews or the Pharisees or even the Roman government. They were nothing more than the hammer in my hand. I lied, I stole, I lusted, I disobeyed my parents and all of the Almighty’s righteous decrees. God’s righteousness was offended and Jesus was murdered. I murdered Jesus with my sin. All the way back to Eden God decreed that if you break the law you deserve to die.

I broke them all, but he was innocent! He didn’t do anything wrong, I did. He died because I deserved it.

In the Old Testament the sinner was supposed to bring a spotless lamb to the priest and lay hands on it in a declaration of identification, and in this way symbolically transferring his guilt upon the lamb. Then he was to slay the lamb before the Lord whereupon the death which was deserved by the sinner is paid by the replacement of the Lamb. It was not a perfect system for it had to be endlessly repeated, not only by the sinner but also by the priests themselves.

But this time the priest and the lamb are the same. Jesus is the spotless lamb of God. His origin is God – and his character is God. Jesus is God. As God he alone is capable of not only paying the price for my sin – but due to the fact that he is infinite he also could pay yours. That is, if you are willing to accept it.

Jesus is my sacrificial lamb, the lamb which God provided. God the Father had Jesus put to death for me. It matters not that the Jews cried for his death, nor that Pilate issued the order. The soldiers who drove the nails were only following orders. It was me. Jesus declared that no-body took his life from him, he was laying it down himself. That means he was acting not only as the Lamb to die, but the high priest who oversaw and directed the slaughtering of the lamb.

On Good Friday the perfect lamb of God was murdered on a Roman Cross. On Saturday he remained. But on Sunday morning he rose again from the grave – now to live forever!

God has made a decree that if anyone will turn away from their own sin, confessing it to God – and if they will accept the sacrifice of Jesus as their own sacrifice and believe in their heart that God raised Jesus from the dead; then they also will be saved forever.

So yes, I am a murderer but I am also the recipient of grace. And I bask in the lavished love of my savior God who has forgiven me for all things and has raised me together with Christ into eternal life!

Hallelujah Sunday is coming!