My Next Computer doesn’t exist yet

I’m an avid computer user. I Spend hours in front of Bibleworks and Logos (not to mention writer) in order to study and understand God’s word so that I can teach others. When I’m done for the day I’d love to pick my computer up and just read a book. But since I’ve got a desktop (and an old notebook which is too big) that just isn’t likely. My Treo works for reading books and I do actually read allot on it, but it is way too small. Enter the Canova Dual Display mockup which is designed by V12. From all appearances it doesn’t exist yet but hey, it could happen soon. Estari has already created a similar unit at a whopping price tag of $4000+ and that’s a lot of money for a computer which I just won’t pay.

But I’d love to have one that was the size of your average book, say 8 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ with two touch sensitive screens, a super long running battery, enough Ram and power to run my favorite applications and plenty of storage of course. Oh, and most importantly, a low price tag.

I know what you’re thinking, “sure that will happen.” Well it probably will eventually, maybe not anytime soon but at the pace technology is moving, my new computer is just around the corner.