No Need to Pay the Piper (Books for Free!)

As I was looking over past Truth is Still Truth postings, especially ones which discussed the potential and, at times, prohibitive cost involved in creating and maintaining a worthwhile Bible software library, I was reminded of a online discussion that took place not too long ago on the “family forum” of my home church. It was about Christian books we enjoyed and benefited from reading, specifically (this day) about the different works of John Piper. As one who owns both the 24-book John Piper collection for WORDsearch (I got it before Logos announced plans to publish the books in the Libronix format) and Piper’s Sermon collection in Libronix, I jumped right in. Three postings into the “discussion” it was revealed to me that ALL of John Piper’s resources, including the text of his best selling books, are available for FREE on his website, (Most are in pdf format, which integrates well into some Bible software programs. None are in a specific Bible software-compatible format like Libronix, CROSS or STEP.) So if you are a John Piper fan on a tight budget, check it out.

I have to confess that I felt (and still feel) a little “foolish” for purchasing both resources to live on my hard drive at a total cost of about $180 after I discovered they were all available for free, but I also love having his books available to search, highlight (I love that Bible programs let me do that) and add notes to at any time, all of which is difficult, if not impossible to do when reading the books online.

Finally, and of most interest for some people based on other blog entries and comments I’ve read, I’ve included a link below to an article on John Piper’s website which explains the intriguing thought process behind the decision to provide his Christian books and other solid spiritual content online at absolutely NO cost. It’s entitled “Making it Free.”

“Making it Free” Article:

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