As One In Christ The Lord

Apparently there was a music composition contest for a song which had been written for my alma mater. The song was written by Timothy Dudley Smith and the music by David McAllister (Himself a 1973 Moody Grad).

As One in Christ the Lord

As one in Christ the Lord
his glories here proclaim,
exalt his holy Word,
his everlasting Name:
let love and praise unite our powers
for we are Christ’s and Christ is ours.

On him our hope is set,
whose cross is strong to save;
nor shall our hearts forget
that empty Easter grave:
with him we rise, our sins forgiven,
to share with him the life of heaven.

Be ours to use aright
the gifts of thought and mind,
in Scripture take delight,
and God’s approval find:

till through the Spirit and the Word

there stands revealed the living Lord.

Whom Jesus calls he sends,
to make his mercies known:
ambassadors and friends,
the heralds of his throne.
His word of truth and life declare:
with all the world his gospel share.

To follow Christ our aim,
in him to stand complete,
that all may hear his Name
and bow before his feet:
the faith to keep, the race to run,
and hear at last the Lord’s ‘Well done!’

What an excellent message! I am grateful to have found it and have printed out the music and intend to have my daughter play it for me tonight.