PBB Updater

Recently Tom approached me about creating an updater program for all the wonderful PBB resources available here. Tom and I have been working together over the past couple weeks to implement his ideas. Attached is the new installer program for the PBB listings available both here and at Walther Library.

This is a new development project and you may run into some issues. If you do, please let me know the error messages that you get and I will try to correct them. When you run this installer, it will add a custom toolbar to the Libronix program to start the updater – as well as an icon on your desktop and start menu. No downloads will begin while Libronix is running though.

1. Supports PBB files, Collections, Resource Associates, Annotations, and Workspaces.
2. PBB files go to %PROGRAM FILES%\Libronix DLS\Resources\PBB. StillTruth.com files will have their sub folder and Walther Library will have their sub folder.
3. Collections, Resource Associations, Annotations, and Workspaces all go to MY DOCUMENTS\Libronix DLS, into their own appropriate sub folder
4. Automatically will move existing PBB files to their new expected location (new 11/14)
5. Support for automatic location finding in 64-bit editions of Windows (new 11/29)
6. Abililty to specify a custom location for resource, automatically moving existing files to the new location (new 11/29)
7. Throttled to only 4 active downloads at a time (new 11/29)
8. Added “Auto Updating” capabilities. The application now shows up as a provider in the list. If you select to download it, then the update will download, shutdown the application and install the new version – automatically moving over your custom resource file location (as part of the auto update). (new 12/2)

We are hoping to add support for other resources and file types in the future, but wanted to make this available to you all. If you download everything from both sources, there is approximately 830 MB of resources currently available.

Hope you like it.