PDA Bible Software

Someone in my class wanted to know what the best PDA Bible software was so I put together a current list… Seemed like others might want to see it so I have copied it here….

The Nelson PDA software is on sale here:
http://www.nelsonministryservices.com/nms/dept.asp?dept%5Fid=742 (<$15) I bought the eBible for PDA: Essentials Library because it came with both Palm and Pocket PC versions... It works well but does not have all the books I wanted available so stopped using this... Quickverse for the Pocket PC can be found here: http://www.quickverse.com/shopfiles/listproducts.asp?id=54 ($25-$65) I bought a earlier version of the Deluxe. A slightly larger selection of books was available than eBible for the PDA and I liked the interface better, but it was very s-l-o-w... Newer versions would not read the books from my older version, so I decided to try again... Olivetree can be found here for the free version for the Pocket PC: http://www.olivetree.com/pocketpc/download.php?a=download (Free) I grabbed this and several of the free bibles and books they offer... The interface was not as polished as the previous software I had used, but the updates, support, and books available were great... I ended up buying the NASB and a KJV w/ strongs and was satified with what I had... Then I found out iLumina partnered with them and offered an updated interface plus new resources. I ended up buying the package here: http://www.olivetree.com/store/product.php?productid=16747 ($50) It added a tabbed interface that was well worth the money, plus additional books and resources I didn't have... The only resource I haven't seen good support from them is the way maps are displayed, but this is more because of the small screen then anything else... Be perpared to buy a large memory card if you add everything... (They support Palm too.) This is what I currently use, mostly because of the new interface and the large number of books available... Other PDA packages I have herd good things about but not used: Pocket e-Sword: http://www.e-sword.net/pocketpc/index.html (Free) Probably the best free Pocket PC bible software available. Decent number of bibles and books available, most of which are free... Laridian Bible Software: http://www.laridian.com/ ($10 for program plus cost of books; estimate $50-$100 total) Most everyone who has ever used it thinks this is the best paid Pocket PC bible software, but it is also the most expensive as most of the books are not free... Don't expect any of these packages to replace Logos when doing bible study... The screen is just too small, and having too many book might take up too much room on the PDA... I use mine mostly when in Church (as my bible and note taker), in Adult Sunday School classes (for references), or for a 15 minute study over lunch when I don't have access to my PC... God Bless, John