Precept Upon Precept

Why am I doing timelines and markups for Logos Libronix?

It’s my wife’s fault… 😉 A few years ago, my wife started taking a series of classes written by Kay Arthur called Precept Upon Precept. She really enjoyed it and continued taking classes even getting to meet Kay at a retreat in Tennesee… A bit less than 2 years ago, Wendy (my wife) wanted to know if I wanted to join her in a Co-Ed Precepts study… (Up until this point, I thought this was written as a women’s study only…)

We studied the topic of Covenant and I really enjoyed it… There were a couple of unique things about this study… We we told NOT to use commentaries until after we finished all other studying methods on a section of Scripture (inductive study method), and we were to use lots of unique markups in our Bibles to help us find important common words, phrases, and comments…

I have had my main Bible for over 25 years, and already had highlights and such that made the new markup system unusable… (Plus it was KJV, and Precepts uses NASB.) I had a NASB Bible, but my handwriting and drawing ability is not consistent, and I hate making mistakes… Copies of the chapters being studied are purposely included in the Precepts workbooks, but I really wanted to keep all my markups in a Bible as they ready did help understanding passages easier… By the providence of God, it turned out Logos was staring the Beta testing of Version 3 of Libronix about this time, and markups was a feature that was included… Did I mention I love computers?

I discovered quickly that I could both customized and add my own markups so I did just that, doing markups that just are not possible with pen and paper… Since no one else seemed to be doing it, I went ahead and posted my version of markups, and continue to do so about twice a year (at the end of the fall and spring classes I take.)

We continued to take the Co-Ed class and are now working our way through the Kings and Prophets of the Divided Kingdom… I was doing a timeline by hand to help me in my study when I realized that I could do this in Libronix, so I started doing it there… Again, I figured this could be useful to the world at large, so I ended up posting these… As I continue to study, I hope to continue to post new ones…

Generally I was posting in the files newsgroup (and will probably continue to do so there) but this site will usually be where the most up to date files will be kept…

Let me highly recommend the Precepts studies… They are very good for the person who likes to spend time with God in His Word… Warning: it will take time… I and my fellow students in class laugh when the workbook claims it takes only an hour a day, 5 days a week… We guessed it is more like 2 (or even 3) hours a day, 5 days a week for the average person… But its well worth every moment… And you can always stretch out the lessons… (For some lessons, we did them over 2 weeks instead of one.) More information can be found at

As soon as I get to a PC with Firefox on it (this weekend?) I’ll post my latest markups and the timeline install hints PDF… (I need to try out firefox portable… for the other bloggers here, check out…)

God Bless