Resource Associations

I had a question come up about Resource Associations in my class and didn’t have an answer so started to do some research… It turns out there are two types: Serial and Parallel. When you create a Parallel Association, it just replaces the built in Parallel Associations we use when keylinking and picking parallel resources… But I had never used Serial Associations before… It turns out it is used to relate collections that go together as volumes… The most obvious use is to relate an Old and a New Testament that are two seperate resources, or a series of commentaries by the same author that are seperate resources… As an example, my ESV Resource Association will allow you to open your New Testament Reverse Interlinear ESV, type in an Old Testament verse, and the resource window will switch to the Old Testament Reverse Interlinear without opening a new window, as though it were the same resource… I’m not sure if these work with anything but Bible verses, but that alone is a good reason for using them… My only question is why didn’t these come built in…

In other news, I’ve been a bit busy writing up documentation of late… For the moment at least, the documents I create for the Logos user group will be hosted there, but I will continue to post all my other files here… (I tend to post everything in the Logos Files Newsgroup too!)

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