Review of Nelson’s Annual Preacher’s Sourcebook

Rated 4.5 out of 5

Every year, Nelson puts out a book with sermons plans for each Sunday… While I’m not entirely sold on the idea of someone using pre-fab sermons to preach from, I do like illustrations and expository information… Also, the book always comes with a CD-ROM, which would make finding information easier later (or so I thought.)

I bought several years of back issues from and These ran in price from $.50 (2005 used) to $4.99 (2003 new) and more could be found via The average shipping was $3.50 a book using USPS. (If you can buy all your books from the same supplier, you can save on shipping.)

On arrival, I only had two problems, one of the used books had the CD missing and one of the new books had the CD cracked in half… Nelson replaced the broken CD via a download… (No need to mail the broken one in.)

The CD is really nice to have, but I was very surprised to find out that depending on the year of the book, Nelson used different software… For instance, 2003 used Logos 2.x, 2005-6 used Discovery (PDF based) Going online, Logos charges $29.99 apiece to unlock the Libronix version for each year, which is equal to the original retail value of the book. If having a Libronix version is important to you, I recommend buying the book at discount from a real bookstore to verify the CD exists, is in good condition, and in the ebook format you want… Otherwise, ordering a NEW book online should work, but I am not sure how to find out which years had which software short of word of mouth. For the ones I do know:

2002: Logos 2.x
2003: Logos 2.x
2005: Discovery
2006: Discovery
2007: No CD Published
2008: Libronix 3.x

As for the book istself, it makes an excellent devotional for the layman in addition to being a source tool for the preacher. The sermons come from contemporaries such as Dr. Dobson and Dr. D. James Kennedy and classicals like Rev. Charles Spurgeon. The style of sermons presented tended to be expository and therefore very biblical. I was very pleased with the selection and with the sample groupings given if one wished to do a series of related sermons in an order different than the suggested presentation dates.

The typical layout includes:

Message (Broken into an outline)
Appropriate hymns and songs
For the Bulletin (This week in history information)
Stats, stories, and more (Illustrations)
Worship helps
Two additional Sermon Outlines for evening or midweek services

Also found between the sermons are articles designed to encourage the pastor and aid him (and his family, friends, and co-workers)

At the end of the book are included some general sermons (wedding, funerals, etc.) and some blank forms and lists for tracking pastoral duties…

I really like these books and will be picking them up annually, though probably a year behind to save on cost…

SRP=$29.99, Typical Cost=$19.99, Used or older edition cost < $10.00 God Bless, John