Should you buy the Libronix Library Builder this Christmas?

It’s a big question considering that the whole set can set you back $399.95  but if you’re considering the Library Builder: Volumes 4-6 then I encourage you to take a look at this collection file I created which catalogs the set.  Using that I can show you how to make an informed decision easily.

    How to see what you already have or don’t have unlocked.

  1. Save this collection file to your normal collections directory which is more than likely set to my documents/Libronix DLS/collections
  2. Then load Libronix and …
  3. Open “My Library”
  4. Select Library Builder: Volumes 4-6 from the drop down list
  5. Scroll through the list to see which ones are locked or unlocked.
  6. Make an informed choice. 😉

Whether or not you think it’s worth the money, sound off here and let me know.