Sierra Bluetooth Keyboard AKA: Driver Heck

Pros: Excellent Physical design, compact, efficient
Cons: detachable stand is prone to loss, the driver – a thousand curses upon it – is buggy beyond reason.

From a hardware perspective this is the best keyboard available. Long ago I had the original which physically plugged into the Handspring Visor. It still functions (both of them) and in terms of design has proven itself to be rugged. So when I saw this come to market I snatched it up without a second thought.
Again the design proves to be superior. However I really hate the mirrored chrome surface. They were of course kind enough to include a polishing cloth, but I much prefer the original black matte finish of the original Stowaway.
In terms of the software driver, I have to say I’m impressed with the effortless over the air installation – and I have had to use it at least a dozen times. The problem is that it continually sends my Treo 650 into an endless reset loop which is only solved by a hard reset. I can do a soft reset and delete the driver but so much instability remains that I have to hard reset and reinstall.
Contacting the company by phone and by email is a wreck. In both instances I was basically met with the quiet hope that a new driver is in the blocks somewhere in pre-beta mode.

I’ll hang on to the keyboard until such a time as a new driver becomes available (if ever) but for now it remains little more than a light duty paper-weight.