Spiritual Warfare

I think we are probably all aware of spiritual warfare with the devil. But there can also be spiritual warfare between brethren. There are some things that are clear cut in the Bible, and there are some things that are open to interpretation. With those things that are open to interpretation, we don’t all consider these things to be open. In those cases, we might pray for those that don’t agree with us to come to our point of view. Once that begins, then spiritual warfare ensues.

For this reason, it is good to remember the Lord’s Prayer. In this prayer that we are to follow, Jesus asks for God’s will to be done. He doesn’t ask for those in disagreement to believe as He does; He prays for God’s will to be done.

Well, I inadvertantly got mixed up in one of these “battles” this week. So, I have a prayer request. Could all of you, my brethren, pray for God to have His will in my life. (It might not hurt to pray the same for all parties involved, but here I am asking a prayer request for myself.) I personally don’t care if I’m “right” or the other party is “right” – all I want is for God’s will to be done.

Thank you for your prayers my friends. This has already been taking back into the knowledge of the realm of legalism – and it takes all of the fun out of being a follower of Jesus. Again, thanks!