Testimony Tuesday

Tim Challies has issued a call for testimonies. I think it’s a great idea. Can I encourage everyone who has created an account here to post their testimony by next Tuesday? (April 3, 2007) (If you can’t be rushed I understand).
Remember that your testimony might need to contain three parts in various forms:

  1. Your Life before you knew Christ
  2. Your Salvation “experience”
  3. Your Life in Christ [thus far].

Make sure that at minimum you type Testimony in the topics box. If you haven’t signed up for an account on Stilltruth this might be a good place to do so. Of course if you don’t want to sign up for an account how about putting your testimony as a comment to this post?

When it’s all done I’ll submit all the links to challies.com for a final report. Now in case you need a kickstart read Tim’s testimony. Take an extra moment to consider the question “Do Testimonies Need To Be Dramatic?

I expect to have mine posted soon.