A Very Small and Inexpensive Sub-Notebook For Running Libronix

One of my friends was telling me about a new laptop coming out in October from Asus. “So what?”, you say? Well, its small (.89 kg/7″ screen), can run XP or Linux, has all the interfaces you would expect in a laptop, and costs starting around $200… (Specs and price subject to change) Here is a link for current info and pre-ordering: http://www.allasus.com/CATALOG/product_info.php?cPath=1_76&products_id=346&osCsid=af2e5dd98ebc77b4f8b4ee580d20b932 (I wouldn’t recommend pre-ordering until at least the price and specs are fixed…)

One of the most interesting things I see is instead of a hard drive, it uses flash memory… No moving parts means it should be a little less prone to damage… And it is cheap enough that it wouldn’t kill me if it did get broken or stolen (as opposed to a $1000 laptop)

I am very interested to see if I can get Libronix running on it at a reasonable speed, but it looks hopeful… (Yes, my geek side is coming out.) I’ll probably wait until its been out at least a month before I might order one, pending early reviews… It’s not quite a replacement for my Pocket PC, but it would be perfect for plane trips… (It has been a dream of mine to get Libronix working on a Pocket PC type device at a resonable cost.) More info and rumors here: http://www.eeeuser.com/

God Bless…