Wake Up

From The Evangelical Ecologist:

“Here’s a question I’d like to ask of the person with these bumper stickers: How come it’s OK to kill children for convenience but not for oil?”

It’s not that I’m in favor of either (nor do I share the insinuation that killing for oil is the current administrations goal). But the reality is that so many people fail to be consistent across the board.
I recently acquired the “new” Casting Crowns “Lifesong” CD for my wife. One of the songs on there titled “While you were sleeping” turns suddenly upon America with the correct assessment that as a nation we shout “save the trees but kill the children!” Talk about a harsh reality check. We need to turn the tide.
Millions of American women have bought the lie and today they suffer intense mental anguish over their past abortion. My earnest heart cry is for them to find peace and forgiveness from the Father – and more than that to know they are forgiven by the Father.