What Happens When You Steal a Bible

My earthly father is a Gideon and as a result I’ve learned plenty about the organization. But I’ve always wondered just how many Bibles are stolen from hotel rooms? Turns out the answer is “lots”. But the Gideon’s are always there to replace them.

So I wonder about the folks that steal them. Do they ever get to the point where through exposure to God’s word they change and even go about making amends? Turns out they do indeed. Every month Gideon’s receive a veritable stack of testimonies about the grace of God coming to people because of the Bible (stolen or not) in the hotel room. Aparently the same thing happens in the Bible software market. Take a read at the Logos Blog by the same title: What Happens When You Steal a Bible.

Our Heavenly Father promised that his word would not return to him without accomplishing that for which he sent it. The Bible is true and the Bible works. Note that it’s not true because it works, it works because it’s true.

Thank you oh God for the wonderful gift of owning your word! Thank you Father for the power of your word to change lives. It remains my earnest prayer that your word in me will continue to change me to be more like Jesus!