Children of Men paints a bleak story

“Early this morning, 1 January 2021, three minutes after midnight, the last human being to be born on earth was killed in a pub brawl…”

Imagine a world without children – anywhere. That’s the premise of children of men. I read the book some time ago in anticipation of the coming movie and found it rather boring. As a result I didn’t see the movie figuring it would be as boring as the book. There’s a reflective post on it at Wonders For Oyarsa. Apparently the book wasn’t totally left behind in making the movie as he describes the movie as

frustrating (and horribly violent).

I immediately painted a different picture though when I read plodded through the book. The plot is simple. Sometime around today every man [every woman in the movie] in the world for some inexplicable reason goes sterile. As a result not a single baby is being birthed anywhere. In a world where the youngest people alive are in their early twenties the world is dominated by fear, hopelessness and violence.

In reality the book and probably the movie paints a picture of abortion’s ultimate goal: a world without children. It also points out abortions ultimate flaw: a failure to recognize the value of even one human child. Life is important and vital. If we discount it to an issue of mere convenience we have indeed missed the mark. In a world without children – hopelessness breeds more and more violence and death. It is the spark of life which creates hope in each successive generation.