I didn’t want to use a WYSYWIG editor on stilltruth so I opted to use quicktags by Bèr Kessels. He only included a few basic tags however and I wanted more so I used his directions to create quicktagsplus. Quicktagsplus is hereby released under GPL2.

Until I can gain CVS access at Drupal (should be soon) the first version of quicktagsplus is available here.

to install:

  1. navigate to your modules directory where quicktags is located. this is likely to be /sites/all/modules/quicktags off of your webroot
  2. from your quicktags module directory create a contribs directory mkdir contribs
  3. cd into contribs cd contribs
  4. save quicktagsplus.tar.gz to the directory using whatever method you use
  5. unpack it tar xfvz quicktagsplus.tar.gz
  6. navigate to your modules control panel and you’ll find quicktagsplus under it’s own block named “quicktags”. I am hoping that Bèr wil move the main project there as well.