Keeping Up With The PBB’s

I am very happy to announce two programs which will be of great help to the more neurotic PBB users among us. PBB Updater and PBBMover.

Most of you know that hosts a rather large and growing assortment of PBB files. The Walther Library at Concordia Theological Seminary also has a growing collection. Happily there are now so many it’s getting difficult to ensure that you have all of them. So I asked a friend to build a program which would keep you all up to date.

gephartr thankfully agreed and created PBB Updater. It acts very much like the Libronix Resource Update Script. It first downloads two very small files from and uses those to compare the PBB’s available on both as well as the Walther Library with those already on your hard drive. Then it offers you check boxes so you can select and download the PBB’s you either don’t have or don’t have the latest version of.

All of these files are downloaded to a very helpful “tree” which segregates the books by author. for example:

| +—AbrahamKuyper\{ccel_kprhlysprt.lbxoeb | kuyper_calvinism.lbxoeb | kuyper_near_God.lbxoeb}
| |
| +—AJGordon\gordon_moh.lbxoeb
\—Walther Library\{augustinesermon112.lbxoeb | barryunchangingtruth.lbxoeb | birdcalledandordained.lbxoeb}

However that creates a potential problem. It takes a lot of bandwidth to download all of those files (roughly 800+MB!) If you’ve already downloaded most of them then you’re in a bit of a pickle. It not only uses bandwidth but it also takes up precious hard drive space. So I whipped up a nifty little Batch file called PBBMover which will automatically create the needed directories and then move all the books you’ve already downloaded into their homes as shown above.

So if you run PBBMover and then download and run PBB Updater you’ll be able to stay up to date.

IF you happen to have a website which holds PBB files and you wish to be included in this tool it should be rather easy. Contact me directly and I’ll let you know what information you need to collect.

if you’re sufficiently interested to get up to date
1. Download and Run PBBMover (see Below)
2. Download, install and run PBB Updater (Also Below)

Be sure to leave a thank you note on the site to gephartr!

I’m no prophet but I predict a bandwidth spike over the next few days. 🙂
My only fear is that you all won’t come back to see me very often now.