Bugs in the Migration

Just a quick note to encourage you all to stick with me as I continue to discover problems that occured during the migration from WordPress to Drupal.  As a backend, Drupal is way more powerful but I'm frustrated with the conversion utility I used – which by the way was not part of Drupal's core.  It transfered all posts, and categories but failed to connect the posts to their former categories.

Moreover even though I've installed pathauto with the same type of settings I had in WordPress, the internal links are now different than many you've been using along the way.  Fortunately the search engine on the site works great.  (try searching for "Bibleworks" or "PBB").

So right now, my evenings are being spent reassigning categories to all the old posts.  I'm also attempting to fix all the errors you are getting when you try to reach the old addresses by providing internal redirects to the content.

In the mean-time if you create an account here on stilltruth, you will have the ability to add to the site via your own stilltruth.com blog.  All posts have to pass a moderators approval so don't worry about the quality of posts dropping.  Posters who prove themselves over the long haul will recieve more priveledges.