Site Update Spring 2007

Greetings to all of you,
Note that I rarely post to this particular newsletter so I guarantee you won’t get inundated with emails from it. I’ve made a few improvements to %site and wanted to point a few of them out.

PDF on demand
I had originally planned on generating and uploading PDF’s of many of the more permanent posts but I found a better way. Registered users will begin today noticing a “Download PDF” link at the close of each posting. This will enable you to capture for whatever purposes a permanent copy of the post in PDF format. Let me know ( what you think of it. Also let me know if it doesn’t work for you and give me the explicit link to the page you’re trying to download as a PDF. After a short time I’ll make that available also to unregistered members but a slow roll out is best so I don’t get hammered with bug notices.

Book Reviews
Because we are a bookish community I wanted to introduce some book reviews. I am slowly building some of my own in the background and hope to start publishing them soon. Take a look at the new Amazon review module ( that enables you to review a book and post a link for interested readers to secure their own copy. (any proceeds will go to pay the annual hosting fee).

Fewer Page Loads
I’ve changed the menu system to a Java or DHTML based menu. It’s the same menu you’ve had only now it slides open and closed without reloading the entire page. It should degrade nicely in older browsers I’ve not had any problems with it.

I enabled the forums several weeks ago but they haven’t received any use. Either they have no purpose in which case I should delete them. Or nobody knows they are available in which case I need to promote them. If you have an opinion on the forums let me know.

Send to Friend
Sometimes you’ll read an article which you just know a friend would like to read. I’ve enabled a “send to friend” link at the bottom of each post to enable just that.

Hide It
Most of the sections now on the right and left have a small black arrow “widget” which will collapse or expand them to keep them out of view. (limited to firefox, this does not work in IE6.x)

Finally the system is accepting trackbacks again. If you don’t know what trackbacks are you can check here for more information.

That should wrap it up.
keep the feedback coming.