Patrick Fairbairn, Typology of Scripture

This is my first blog post. My name is Bill and I have been working on updating Volume 1 of Patrick Fairbairn’s Typology of Scripture that was posted on StillTruth by JoeK earlier this year.

I am a former Presbyterian minister and a Westminster Theological Seminary grad, so the subject of typology is of great interest to me. What I appreciate about my seminary training was its emphasis on the unified whole of Scripture and how the Old Testament points forward to Christ.

Volume 1 is finished, or as finished as one set of eyes can guarantee.

Please report any typos as you come across them.

Volume 2 is also just about finished. I will post it in the next few days.

Another project of mine is E.W. Hengstenberg’s Christology of the Old Tesament. This is a 4-volume work. I have scanned and edited over half so far. I will turn these into PBBs as they are completed.