Daily Archives: January 19, 2008

Libronix vs BibleWorks 7

Andy asks:

This is a little off the subject.

How beneficial is it for you to have both the Libronix and BibleWorks (especially BW7)? I have always thought that Libronix can do whatever BW can. Is that true? Since you have both, how has BW help you? Would you even consider upgrading to BW8?

To answer your final question, yes. I will almost certainly upgrade to BW8 in a heartbeat. Mind you, I’ve not heard *any* rumors of it coming forth though. If anyone has any information I’d love to hear it!

My style of study hasn’t changed by large amounts since I first bought BibleWorks 4 when it was first released. I’ve faithfully upgraded to each new version as it came along and was fortunate enough to help beta test v7 and was quite familiar with it’s new style of working by the time it went gold.

Since my Hebrew is barely first year student level I do things a little differently in the OT but when doing NT studies I always start with Bibleworks to do my translation work.

There is some crossover in the two tools but their self determined focus defines their usefulness for me. BibleWorks is designed from the ground up for textual research. As a result it is fast, lithe, agile and any other word you can think of that means it does what it should do quickly. Libronix/Logos is first and foremost a library. It has a great Librarian and research assistant built in but it is a Library. What it is designed to do it also does well. But let’s face it – it’s still big and slow by comparison. Before you argue, I’ve heard all the arguments about comparing apples and oranges