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Sketches of Jewish Social Life

The most relevant citations of Scripture, rabbinic sources, and the works of Philo and Josephus are supplied to complement Edersheim’s masterful assessment of the writings of Jesus’ day. This makes bland references come alive, in many cases shedding invaluable light on difficult passages understanding the world of Jesus and His disciples. The scenes portrayed by Edersheim’s hand come alive in the more than 50 carefully selected illustrations, maps, photos, and drawings. Edersheim’s notes remain indispensable for unlocking the mysteries of the ancient world.

Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah

This is Edersheim’s classic, his most well-known, scholarly, yet exceedingly practical and highly readable book. What was it really like to live when Jesus lived? Alfred Edersheim will take you there, shedding light on the cities, towns, religious sects, political struggles, customs, and lifestyles of Jesus’ day.

The Temple: Its Ministry and Services

Jerusalem’s temple represented not only the glory of Israel’s past but the splendor of its future, when the Messiah would come and reign over God’s people. To recapture the essence of the temple’s significance, both in the life of Israel and in the life and theology of the early Christians, readers are fortunate indeed to have as a tour guide that eminent scholar of Judaism and the New Testament, Alfred Edersheim.