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John’s Comments on Logos Libronix, Fair Use, and Copyrights

The text below comes from the attached paper I wrote to answer when I was asked about using Logos Libronix for creating Bible Studies legally… Feel free to comment as this is just my take on the subject…

Just to start off, the thoughts in this paper are just for general, unofficial guidance. The definitions I have giving are solely my own, unless I have cited a source. For legal guidance, please contact a lawyer. Also, I am speaking from a United States point of view. Depending on the country you are in, these guidelines may not apply.

During one of the Libronix classes I taught, one of the users asked if it was legal to use Logos Libronix to create a bible study. This is an excellent question to write about because the answer is not straight forward, and it is commonly ignored. I thought about just typing this up on my blog, (http://www.stilltruth.com/blog/normanjd), but realized a paper might be more useful…

The resources in Libronix (and other libraries, whether physical or digital) fall in two categories: Copyrighted and Public Domain.

Public Domain resources are free for anyone to copy and distribute without asking for permission. These consist of works that either the authors have rescinded all rights to, or expired copyrighted works. Most Libronix user created content that has been posted to the Internet would be considered in the Public Domain. Examples (some taken from Wikipedia in March of 2008) would be:

Personal Book Builder (PBB) files
User created Timelines
Graphical Queries
Original Text of the Bible
Works created and first published before January 1, 1923, or at least 95 years before January 1 of the current year, whichever is later*