Daily Archives: April 15, 2008

Getting there is half the story

Good Morning?

Today started out very early. I don’t typically mind getting up early by normal standards but this morning I had to rise at 4:30 local time (3:30 AM back home) so I could get ready and be at the MFI airplane hangar by 5:30.

In the lobby I met up with Pastor Tim Schoap from Signal Mountain Bible Church in Signal Mountain Tennessee near Chattanooga. He was part of a medical missions team heading to Grand Basin to finish a clinic there. He had an entire team with him and I hope to post some pictures eventually but for the moment I foolishly forgot a cable to connect my camera to my laptop.

Flying with MFI is a great experience. It’s a ministry, the pilots, mechanics and anyone else associated with them are “missionaries who serve missionaries.” I helped load the baggage onto the plane. I watched them tow it out to the tarmac and I had a few brief moments to talk to one of the mechanics (Mr. Campbell). I had stayed with his son Jason on my first trip to Haiti but that is another story.

They have a few small planes but the workhorse is the Douglas C-47 DC3 “Gooney Bird”. It is a wonderful aircraft. It has something that many planes miss these days legroom! I can get up and walk around and even take a picture of the cockpit. For that matter I was able to stand just behind the pilot and co-pilot and watch them work the controls and gaze out the tiny windshield. Try that on a domestic flight and you’ll be in irons (or more likely plastic zip ties) before you can say “But I just want to watch.”

The long way around