Daily Archives: May 9, 2008

PBB Collection File

I’ve had a few requests lately for a collection file and I suddenly remembered that back in March Graham had created the very collection file needed. It contains all the PBB’s which were available through the PBB updater as of 3/7/2008. So with a huge wave of gratitude towards Graham I’ve uploaded the collection file right here.

To use it, just download it to “My documents/Libronix DLS/Collections/” and reload Libronix.

Thanks Graham!

Updated by Graham to July 19, 2008

Bible Software in the Classroom

There’s a post on the Logos Blog about Logos in the Classroom. Actually it’s a commercial for a 15 minute talk by Senior VP Dale Pritchett, which itself is basically a commercial aimed at Seminary professors to convince them to replace their single classroom textbooks with the full Logos Digital Library. If you have the 15 minutes you should listen. If you only have about 7, do a quick read of the PDF transcript.
I have two simple observations to make.

Upgrade the audio please

The audio is probably over compressed. It’s either that or the audio is the result of several takes and a bad patch job. Dale comes into various sentences sounding completely different and it seems with different breathing patterns; almost as if they’ve taken two or more clips and sliced and diced them into one speech. The only reason I mention this is because I found it annoying to listen to. I’m tempted to say it’s over compressed because I’ve experienced the same phenomena with other Logos media. Michael Heiser’s excellent lecture “The concept of the Godhead in the Old Testament” was plagued in it’s Camtasia format with horrible over compression that introduced all sorts of nasty audio artifacts into the speech. It’s worth downloading the MP3 on that one instead of listening to the stream.

Yes, But…

I agree wholeheartedly with the principle message of Mr. Pritchett’s speech. But I also see a problem