Daily Archives: May 28, 2008

30 Days With the Literary ESV

In January I caught a post on the Logos newsgroups introducing me to the ESV Literary Study Bible. And I just caught it again at Mark Bertrands Bible Design Blog. My first thought was that it would serve me no purpose. My second thought was to remember that the number of literary allusions to the scriptures in English Literature is mind boggling. So I became curious and decided to check it out. I hit the official web site and started perusing it a bit. Among other things I learned by reading the prefacethat this isn’t about highlighting the Bible in other literature; it’s about highlighting the forms of literature in which God revealed himself. For my taste that sounded better. The Bible is packed with literary styles – it was enough to make me want to read it.

I noticed that I could sign up for a thirty day account for free. This would enable me to have full access to the text, charts and summaries for thirty days. And then I hatched an idea: Why not read through the bible in thirty days? Yes, I mean read through the whole bible in a mere month